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Why It’s Important to Routinely Change AC Filters

Air filters are a vital component of your property’s HVAC system, but they are too often neglected. While the benefits of regularly replacing these comparatively inexpensive items might not be immediately noticeable, failing to replace them can actually severely damage or ruin your entire system. Keeping an eye on small details like these is what makes AllView Real Estate Management a top property management firm.

How AC Filters Work 101

All air circulating through an HVAC system passes through an air filter. As the filter continuously catches various air pollutants, it becomes less and less permeable. If it becomes completely clogged, it could potentially cause the system to fail. Plus, not only do AC filters catch dust and other allergens that would otherwise circulate throughout a property, they also defend against larger particles that could pose a serious fire risk.

Luckily, AC filters are easy to change. It generally takes less than five minutes, and anyone can do it. It does not take a trained technician. Fresh air filters ultimately lead to cleaner air, a more efficient air conditioning system and money savings for both tenants and landlords.

Benefits Of Regularly Changing AC Filters

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Since air filters collect dust, mold, pet dander and more, changing them regularly greatly improves the air quality of a home. Indoor air quality is extremely important to the overall health of anyone living in a property, as poor air quality can trigger sinus infections, allergies and even asthma. Considering landlords are typically required to include an implied warranty of habitability in a lease, maintaining optimum air quality by changing ac filters should be a simple decision.

Less Costly Maintenance On The Entire System

Replacing AC filters helps prevent unnecessary service appointments, since clogged filters can lead to the complete breakdown of your air conditioning unit. If your property’s HVAC unit fails, the corresponding properties can quickly become too hot or too cold. Ideal tenants are hard enough to find, so dealing with upset tenants, while trying to schedule repairs, is less than optimal — especially when regular ac maintenance is as simple as changing a filter.

More Efficient HVAC Units

A more efficient AC unit means your property will remain at a chosen temperature without having to work too hard. This equates to lower electric bills for tenants and less costly air conditioning repair for landlords. In fact, changing the ac filter regularly can lower energy consumption by 5 to 15 percent, according to the Department of Energy.

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