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Qualification Standards:

Applicants who do not meet minimum screening standards will not be approved.

  1. Applicant must have current photo identification and a valid social security number.
  2. Applicant’s monthly household income must exceed two and a half times the monthly rent. All income must be from a verifiable source. Unverifiable income will not be considered.
  3. Applicants must receive positive references from all previous landlords for the previous 4 years.
  4. Applicant may not have any evictions or unpaid judgments from previous landlords.
  5. Applicant must exhibit a responsible financial life. Credit score must be a minimum of 700. A background and credit check will be conducted on all applicants over 18.
  6. Applicant’s background must exhibit a pattern of responsibility. Occupancy is limited to residents on the lease and no business or sublets will be allowed. No Evictions. No accounts in delinquency or collections. No Bankruptcies.

At landlord’s discretion, compensating factors such as an additional security deposit or co-signer (guarantor) may be required for qualification if Applicant fails to meet any one of the above requirements. In the event of multiple applicants, tenancy will be granted to the most qualified, based on the above criteria.