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Home Staging Tips: Taking Your Home to the Next Level for Potential Buyers

How important is it to stage a home that’s for sale? Very. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), nearly half of buyers’ agents say staging influences buyers, and 82% of those agents say home staging makes it easier for buyer to imagine the property as their new potential home. NAR data says staging is most important in three areas: the living room, the master bedroom, and the kitchen. Let’s look at how to stage those key spaces and much more.

Creating a Dream Kitchen

Showcasing usable space is the primary goal in staging a kitchen, much more so than highlighting any appliance or gadget, so keep those countertops as uncluttered as possible.

  • Open things up. Fewer chairs mean more space in the mind of the buyer. So, if your kitchen table has six seats, reduce that to four. Take four bar stools at a counter down to two — see how much bigger the kitchen appears!
  • Cabinet care. Here, a little DIY may go a long way, as a coat of paint and some new hardware (handles and hinges) could work wonders to refresh older cabinetry.
  • A splash of color. As most kitchens have neutral tones, potholders, and towels in the color of a nearby space will really pop.
  • Help from Mother Nature. Got a windowsill? That’s the perfect place to put some pots of fresh herbs, subtly suggesting the buyer will be cooking with them. Similarly, a bright bowl of lemons or oranges packs a punch.
  • Smells can sell. The light scent of flowers or the aroma of fresh-baked cookies can well up powerful sentiments in the buyer.

Getting The Living Room Right

Here, you want things cozy without being cramped. Stylish but not overwhelming. A living room serves as a hub for most homes, and you need to create an inviting gathering space. 

  • Furniture that fits. Less is usually more when staging a living room, so remove bulky, overstuffed furniture — if it’s too big or you have too much, scale down and the room will look larger.
  • Light and more light. Pull back curtains and raise window shades — let in as much natural light as possible. Not bright enough? Supplement with lamps until that living room is bright and cheery, opened up so it feels like an extension of the outdoors.
  • Your family photos may be wonderful, but you’re creating a space for the next owner, so remove any personal pictures and fill the voids with artwork.
  • Mirror magic. Experiment with strategically placed mirrors to see if you can make the living room seem bigger.

Making the Most of the Master Bedroom

The buyer will see this space as their sanctuary, a place of escape from the world’s stresses. So stage it that way — warm, inviting, and free of clutter.

  • Your stuff in storage. A rule of thumb for bedrooms (and other areas) is one-third of your belongings. So cart off two-thirds of all your clothing, shoes, and everything else in the master bedroom — closets will seem dramatically more spacious.
  • Tone it down. While wonderful, vibrant colors can be jarring, and that’s the exact opposite experience you want to create in a master bedroom. So neutral tones for bedding (and a good idea to buy new, high-quality linens) and walls — go for a serene spa vibe in hues such as beiges, grays, and light blues. And maybe just a pop of complementary color with a piece like an accent pillow.
  • Have a headboard. Don’t got one? Get one. You won’t find a fine hotel room without a headboard, and it should be the same for your showpiece bedroom. Go to thrift stores or look online to find an affordable used one you can refresh with a coat of paint.

Staging Tips For All Around The House

  • Deep cleaning. If you don’t have the time or energy to meticulously clean every inch of the home, consider hiring a professional. Flooring needs particular attention.
  • Make a DIY checklist. Go through the home and find every crack in the walls, every creaking door, every dripping faucet. If you can fix them, do so.
  • Look at every layout. Go over every room to make sure the furniture is arranged in a way to make the room feel spacious and easily navigable. Cheap furniture has got to go.
  • Curb appeal. That well-known phrase means making the outside of your home as tidy and welcoming as possible. Some strategic landscaping and power washing can spruce up an exterior.
  • Consider a professional home stager. They exist and they may be well worth the cost if they help you get a higher price for your home. A good real estate agent should know a few good home stagers.

Selling a home can be more art than science, and good staging takes a certain creative touch. Throughout, you might keep in mind that you’re not really selling your home as much as you are selling someone else their home.

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